Saturday, 17 November 2012

We Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday!

Here at Penny Masquerade headquarters Christmas is huge. It's not only our busiest time of the year but also our favourite time of year. What makes it even better for us is that we get to start preparing in July! Some would call us mad, but we love designing our Autumn/Winter pieces in the height of summer - it gets us all excited. The other thing we love about about this time of year is undertaking festive DIY craft projects. We've found some amazing tutorials this year and wanted to share them with you.

The first is this fantastic handmade mini Christmas tree idea. This tutorial is great for anyone on a budget and the results are stunning. You can find the tutorial at Shauna Mailloux's blog.

Our second festive craft idea is from the Maya Made blog. She has a great tutorial on how to make this lovely advent calendar. And guess what? It's only made from toilet roll tubes! *GASP!*

Thirdly, we have a simple but effective idea from Vicky Dar. There's no tutorial for this as it's pretty self-explanatory but the results are beautiful.

Last but not least we have a great tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion which shows you how to make these beautiful glittery jars! Who doesn't love glitter?!

Enjoy! And remember, if you're not making much mess, you're not having enough fun! xx


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  2. Such pretty ideas- I love the toilet-roll advent calendar, would never have noticed that if you hadn't pointed it out! Bet that would be something perfect to make with kids. xx

  3. such a fantastik ideas to use these unwanted things very useful....
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