Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A New Home for My Jewels

The Penny Masquerade Vintage Inspired Collection. Model in Photograph: Chesty Von Ellem, Photographer: Steve Prue

Somewhere in between stock taking, accounting, making up orders, running to the Post Office, responding to enquiries and sorting out wedding requests - gosh this year has been busy so far! - I have managed to find a new UK stockist! You can now buy Penny Masquerade jewels at Hairworks on Silver Street in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. As you've probably gathered from the name, it's a hairdressers rather than a shop, but they have a few cabinets filled with jewellery and accessories in their foyer.

Unusually I actually got to go to this one and set everything up for them. Most of the stockists I have at the moment are too far away to visit so it was really nice to go to one for a change and make everything look all pretty! If you live anywhere near Doncaster and want to go and peruse the jewellery for sale at Hairworks please do so. They currently stock a small collection that comprises primarily of exclusive pieces not yet available online! Exciting!



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